’Excelsior Global Group is an Innovative Global Technology Fund HQ in London and operating Internationally with an extensive Partner. Ecosystem.”

Invest in our ESG funding business to generate powerful returns and leave a lasting legacy. We back digital businesses and humanitarian projects with social and environmental purpose at their heart.

Excelsior is an investment company dedicated to growing successful and secure businesses founded with social purpose and with social responsibility in mind.

We are adopting – from the outset – a global perspective in our search for such opportunities.

We have built a strong pipeline of innovative companies which will deliver real positive change for social and environmental benefit.

We will ensure that security, protection of personal data, defence against Cyber Attack, all need to be strong elements of our support for the businesses in our portfolio and for their clients.

We will support the portfolio by making available to them cost-effective value added services such as financial management, management consulting, intelligent HR support, operational support, data and compliance reporting.


We are witnessing an area of massive upheaval of traditional business models.

People and society are at the heart of this change. We are all driving the adoption of digital business models.

We at Excelsior are investors in the new digital economy, building back better, using digital business models to serve society, and the environment.

We are providing organisations with rapid access to vital management information and specialist services. Economic Empowerment.

We will deliver consumer and citizen services more effectively and more efficiently. Smart Social Purpose.

Our investments in innovative new Environmental businesses and projects will help address the current imbalance in our vital ecosystems. Environmental Revitalisation.


How Excelsior Global Group  ( E.G.G) can help

Excelsior will help plan and navigate a Value Creation business pathway with every organisation we invest in.

The Excelsior difference is that we will be actively engaged in helping the businesses achieve and exceed their milestones and objectives.

To help businesses achieve their goals quicker, Excelsior have established Value Creation resources which are made available in fields such as:-

Artificial Intelligence, NetZero & Sustainability advice, Project Management, MSP/MSSP services, Consultancy, Digital Marketing, PR, Creative Design, Comms & Networking, Management Accounting.

Our portfolio will continually seek to collaborate to build even more compelling & holistic solutions for the planet.


We strongly promote the importance of security, the protection of personal data, and defence against Cyber Attack, as key elements of the support for our businesses and for their clients.

Excelsior will invest in innovative new CyberSecurity businesses which will deliver new enhanced levels of security for our clients.


Healthcare is a key component of a cohesive society. Many of us enjoy good access to healthcare services but Excelsior is also concerned about communities where access to basic Healthcare provision is limited or barely exists. We shall cover our actions for these communities in a different space.

The Digital Healthcare market has boomed over the last 18 months and will continue to do so. The market size is predicted to reach $220bn by 2026. There are a number of trends driving the adoption of Digital Healthcare platforms.

The consumerisation of Healthcare continues apace with prescriptions, wearable devices and online tests and diagnostic results driving the adoption of digital models.

Telehealth has experienced a major acceleration due to the Pandemic. Even though some regulatory requirements have been relaxed there will be no return. Telehealth is a significant component of the new normal in Healthcare.

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare will drive an exponential increase in the quality of care for society. From early and more effective diagnoses, to more effective consultations to delivering precision medicine treatment to patients, this technology will have a pervasive influence on the deliver and improvement of global Healthcare services delivery.

Virtual Reality will help train clinicians and medical staff quickly, introducing them to new procedures and treatment care paths.

Collaboration and interoperability between digital healthcare solutions are already providing, and have the  potential to provide even more substantially, augmented and more holistic treatment for patients. Driven by the Cloud and with data sharing, the array of powerful and innovative new digital healthcare treatments is growing rapidly.


    During the pandemic an already buoyant e-learning market has burgeoned rapidly to adapt to the potential of Digital business models educating the world’s population.

    The market size for e-learning is predicted to reach $374bn by 2026.

    It’s important to stress that Excelsior considers education for all age groups to be a vital ingredient to the wellbeing of society and massively important to the underpinning of world economies.

    Both young and old, across the globe, we are all students. We have much to gain from the enrichment of learning new subjects, new skills and new life experiences.

    In the world of business and commerce, the biggest single resistor to the successful adoption of new digital business models is a lack of sufficient new skills in the workforce. Successful workforce transformation is a critical success factor for all businesses and organisations which serve our society.

    Excelsior is especially keen to promote the value of education in all of its investments. Where possible we promote the employment of people from underprivileged backgrounds in our portfolio businesses.


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