Programme Management

  • Understand the Project and the Client’s Business Drivers
  • Identify Stakeholders and their Success Criteria
  • Develop Strategy and Key Performance Indicators
  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
  • Establish Controls and Reporting requirements
  • Produce the Project Execution Plan[PEP]

Delivery Phase:

  • Develop and Support the Team
  • Protect and Enhance the [Project] Environment
  • Monitor Performance and Status, including Risks and Payment
  • Adjust Strategy/Tactics and update PEP as necessary
  • Feedback Lessons Learned
  • Close-out Project

The Opportunity…In a Nutshell

The pandemic and resultant paradigm shifts have been the catalyst to change and the widespread acceptance of remote working has accelerated the development of collaborative technologies.

Clients can now procure specialised services, as and when required, from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection, more efficiently and with wider economic benefits replacing the need for physical presence.

We can offer flexible and collaborative professional expertise and experience and tailor our services to fit our Clients’ requirements.

Philosophy, Approach & Services

Our Philosophy: We strive to act differently to our competition by putting the needs of our Clients’ first.

“listen | evaluate | resolve”

  – this is at the core of our decision making and being forward thinking problem solvers.

Critical friend to our Clients: to provide impartial and independent advice at any stage of the project life-cycle by using subject matter experts drawn together by association in TheVirtualPMO – we have no vested interest to obscure the reporting of actual performance.

Key stages of support [PMO focus]:

  • Set up
  • Enhanced performance
  • Targeted interventions

Our Competitive Promise

  • We specialise in the development of major projects and programmes, providing:
  • ‘Big Picture’ overview – understanding internal and external interfaces and how all the parts of a project need to integrate
  • Rapid gap analysis and capability audits – where and when help is needed
  • Constructive advice and strategic planning – “helping you to help yourselves”
  • Solutions identification and implementation – focusing resources to achieve goals
  • In one neat cost effective package clients can access the skills required to help achieve successful outcomes; management rigour, excellent engagement and streamlined processes.